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Whether you’re a florist, speaker, pub owner, plumber, club manager or cleaner, this is going to help you to finally cement a solid online presence that attracts new leads and customers to grow your business.

HALR helps you create actionable marketing plans to help you find new leads and customers even if you know nothing about marketing your business online.

It’s A Smarter Way To Market Your Business Online

Once you sign up, you’ll take a few minutes to answer a few questions about your business. We’ll use this information to create a Marketing Plan uniquely suited to your situation.

We perform a preliminary search of the available traffic and competitive landscape for your specific business, then suggest a marketing strategy that takes full advantage of your assets.

Finally, we’ll make recommendations to help you maximize your strategy’s effectiveness. You retain the final say regarding how to meet or beat your overall marketing goals.

Up front, HALR gives you a full chest of tools to implement your marketing strategy. You can manage your social media, deploy landing pages and run lead nurturing campaigns.

Behind the scenes, HALR continuously monitors rankings of your key phrases in the search engines, listens to your online reputation and notifies you instantly of any changes.

HALR also attracts new customers, checks on your competition, discovers new growth ideas and simultaneously improves your online visibility & SEO.

The best part? There’s no guesswork. Follow our recommendations and see your results – there’s transparency in every step of the process. If you stick with it, you will see the results and business growth that you’re looking for.

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